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We’d love to answer any questions you have! Please call us at (727) 308-1767 or fill out our contact form below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently in a preview period, during which we offer the public a sampling of our community for free. During this time, you can join our waitlist to position yourself to get a limited spot when our membership benefits begin July 1st.
Memberships are currently priced at $20/month or $40/month, depending on the benefits. People who gravitate more toward the online features of the community will likely want the $20/month level, while those who anticipate attending more events will gravitate toward the savings included with the $40/month level.
The preview period is our opportunity to showcase a sampling of everything the EverMom Collective offers. Our first preview period is from May 14 (our Mother’s Day gift to you!) through June 30th. During this time, our online community exists as a Facebook group with the weekly presentations happening each Wednesday during lunch hours, daily discussion prompts, and some examples of resources. Our in-person events are also open to the public (although these are ticketed) and, again, give our prospective members a taste of what it feels like to be in the EverMom Collective.
The next preview period will run from October 1-31st, with membership spots opening again right after that.
We want to be as transparent as possible: our goal is to serve local moms in a way that ensures they feel seen, connected, and celebrated. As we are launching this business, we have a limited staff and it is incredibly important for us to deliver on what we are promising. As such, we are initially offering membership spots to the first 150 people on our waitlist. Nothing fancy, it’s just based on where you are on the waitlist. If folks decline the membership opportunity, we will continue to work our way down and we will transfer your waitlist spot to the next preview period.
Great question! We will be working with the first cohort to decide which groups fit them the best. The beautiful thing about the structure of the online community is that we can create as many of these groups as we want. With that said, we want a good-sized group to participate and find value in each group they are in, so there will naturally be a limit to how many are offered.
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